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1. What are landowner vouchers?
A landowner voucher is a piece of paper allowing you to purchase a hunting license in a quality, hard to draw, unit. Purchasing a voucher allows you to build points for quality units while still being able to come hunt. Most vouchers are good for the whole unit, but some are private land only. License fee is additional and paid to the state.
These vouchers are applied for by the landowner and drawn the same time as the general public draw, around the end of June. We usually know what the landowners have drawn around the 10th of July.

2. Most landowner vouchers are valid for an entire hunting unit. However, some are only good for private land. We will make it clear to you if we have a voucher that is good only for private land.
* New 2007 Voucher Regulations
Vouchers may only be transferred one time by the landowner and only to the person that will use the voucher to purchase a hunting license.
A voucher may only be redeemed for a license by the person whose name is written on it at the time of its transfer by the landowner.
Any subsequent transfer by the original purchaser of a voucher, including a resale or "gifting" of the voucher to another person, or "return" of the voucher back to the landowner for credit and subsequent transfer by the landowner to another person would result in a violation of either the "one time sale" or the "third party brokering" provisions in the regulation.
However, persons may still facilitate the transfer of a voucher by putting hunters that want to buy vouchers in contact with landowners that have vouchers, and profit from arranging that contact or the transfer of the voucher from the landowner to the hunter, without violating the regulation.

3. If you are looking for a voucher that is not listed as available here on our website, feel free to contact us and we will try to find a voucher for the unit for you.

4. Please, read the Colorado rules and regulations prior to going on your hunt. Know the rules of hunting in the state of Colorado.

5. Have questions? Call us at: (970) 464-9235

6. Contact Address:
Dennis Gillilan
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Mule Deer & Elk Vouchers (July 10th 2015)
There has been considerable changes for 2015 affecting landowners and brokers alike, I will continue to sell landowner permits for some landowners who I manage their hunting, making it legal for me to sell their permits, If you have any questions please give us a call, we will be happy to discuss these changes. If you are a landowner who I do not manage your hunting and would like us to list your tags for sale on your behalf, call for pricing!!! Hunters if you have not noticed the public landowner permits are very limited, please be understanding and realize we will do everything we can to satisfy your needs for a permit. But the changes have our hands tied, but we will continue to do everything we can to help you secure the permits you are looking for.
We handle Landowner tags in most Colorado Units and most of New Mexico, I take deposits for the specific reason of having a order to distribute permits on a first come first served basis! We are now taking deposits for 2016 ! Thanks for your business and good luck Hunting in 2015! Call with any questions you have (970)464-9235